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Jonathan Zivojnovic's Clients:

Just a note to tell you how impressive you were at the contentious meeting Monday night.  You managed to remain respectful and were obviously in command of the facts.  I have been living in association dwellings for over 30 years.  You are BY FAR the most knowledgeable and competent property manager I’ve encountered.  I hope you love your work and that Tall Oaks can keep you in our court.  Thank you, Venus, and the rest of your team, for all that you do on our behalf. 

Thank you,

Lois Pasquale

Tall Oaks of Wood Dale Resident


"Thank you in helping my daughter to find a home, and all the work you provided to help them purchase a home. Anyone who wants to find a home should contact Jonathan, he does work for you."

Tom Balkin

"We are writing this letter two months after our skillful realtor, Jonathan Zivojnovic, guided us through selling, moving, and finding our new home.  It is to Jonathan’s credit that even after 60 days we still feel the impetus to sing his praises.  

If you are serious about wanting to sell and move, then Jonathan has the dream team you need to succeed.  My Financial Adviser suggested my family turn to Jonathan because of both his stellar character and his financial dexterity. Our Advisor was right: at our first meeting Jonathan showed us what our house might bring in the current market and what how much we could expect after closing costs.   Jonathan’s numbers were remarkably correct.

But no one could foresee how quickly Jonathan would bring our sale to pass.   He found our buyers even before our listing was fully listed.  We needed to cover all our bases quickly and Jonathan had an invaluable network at his fingertips: our real estate attorney, inspectors, and movers.   His company, River Elm Properties, had someone waiting in each arena for each step in the process. 
Looking back, we don’t recall the stress that should have been part of selling and moving because we always had Jonathan a phone call or visit away to guide us through staging the house, packing, moving, and finding our new home which just suits our next life’s chapter.   Indeed, while Jonathan is young and energetic, he seems to have written the book about how to navigate each variable with years of wisdom. 

What we do remember is Jonathan’s warmth, confidence, compassion, and business acumen.   When e needed to make a financial decision, he switched into clear cut options; when we needed advice on what to toss or keep at the house, he gave us uncanny common sense suggestions; and when one of us felt wobbly about change, he listened and reminded us of all of what we are trying to achieve with our move financially and personally. 

In retrospect after these two months, we marvel that we were able to meet our private deadlines; that we sold our home with such ease and moved into our new one with the same alacrity.  The one key to having this unusual experience pivoted on finding the right realtor at the onset.   We write this to strongly encourage you to do the same.    Jonathan Zivojnovic has mastered the art of the housing market and we are grateful to him two months after closing and, no doubt, for many years to come."

Anne Boguslavsky    


Debra Braglia's Clients:

After six long months of waiting, we finally took possession of a foreclosed home in Elmwood Park.  We fell in love with the property at first site even though it was clearly in need of extensive work.  Regardless of its poor condition, we knew it could be the perfect home for our family and were up to the challenge.  At the time, we had no idea what we had signed up for in attempting to purchase an REO property.  Luckily, we were working with an extraordinary agent.  We stand here today knowing without a doubt that we would not have obtained this home if it had not been for the knowledge, expertise and tireless efforts of our real estate agent, Debra Braglia of River Elm Properties.  
In addition to being extremely knowledgeable about the nuances of today's volatile and unpredictable real estate market, she had to wear many, many other hats during the process.  When there were no answers to be found and the information coming back to us didn't make sense, she became an investigator and dug up those answers.  When we needed someone to fight on our behalf, she was a tigress standing up for what was right and fair.  When we needed someone to calm our doubts and fears, she listened with compassion and always found the right words to bring us back to hope.  
With so much uncertainty and change in the market, Debra on several occassions had to step up and help the other agents and parties involved even though it was not within the realm of her responsibilities as the purchasing agent of this deal.  Regardless, she did it with generosity and humor.   Glitch after glitch, challenge after challenge, Debra's extraordinary efforts carved a path through the mounds of red tape, legal issues and mysteries of these crazy times.  She  guided us through the challenges of the purchase with wisdom and grace. 
We cannot imagine having done this without her fathomless guidance.   We are forever grateful for her services and offer the highest of recommendations on her behalf.  We cannot say enough about our experience with her and the deep gratitude we hold in our hearts for all she did to make our dreams come true.  Lisa and Tom Schmitz
Lisa Sorce Schmitz, MSW, LCSW
Director, Whispers from the Moon
A Haven for Creative Expression & Personal Awareness

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